Welcome to this website.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

My name is Arturo Martinez Bello. Although I was born in Mexico City,
I currently live in Los Cabos in Baja.

Through a college course, photography began as a hobby.
As my interest grew, I continued with more courses and
experimental workshops.

Then, nine years ago it turned into a real passion, when
I became a member of Belmar Studio.

I shoot mainly digital, but I still photograph using film.
I have always liked to photograph everything and to
experiment with light and shadows.
I love Black and White photography; my favorite styles are
Chiaroscuro and Hollywood. I enjoy shooting glamour,
nude and erotic fine art, where women express all their
beauty and sensuality.

I strive to produce images that go beyond merely
capturing moments. I try to create the work that is
deeper and emotive.

All comments are welcome, and don’t
forget to stop by again to see new images.